Lighting Design and Drawing Services


Professional Lighting Design combines a knowledge of the principles of good lighting and a flair to envisage a result which is in keeping with the client’s wishes.

This has been successfully applied to many commercial buildings however good lighting design is not limited to the indoor scene, it should also be employed outdoors in the way of security lighting and enhancing the environment with carefully controlled floodlighting. In any exterior design prepared we take extra care to ensure that any light spillage is kept to a minimum and meets the requirements relating to light pollution.

With the concerns these days over climate change there is ever increasing demand for energy efficiency. With this in mind, consideration is always given to the efficient use of energy, not only with the light sources but also by the use of lighting controls. These can be used to simply switch the lights off when not required, or dim them to maintain the required lighting level for the task being carried out or of course a combination of both.

Information Required. The activities for which the space is used and any personal preferences, details of the area to be lit which can be provided either by the supply of plans, elevations and photographs or by a survey which can be undertaken if preferred.

We will provide. A full lighting Design Service which uses Dialux Evo for the calculations and 3D modelling, TurboCAD for the drawings (AutoCAD compatible files can be provided if requested) and Photoshop where this will enhance the information provided.

From the details provided a lighting design will be prepared which will use the most suitable lamp types, keep the running costs to a minimum whilst meeting your specific wishes and the relevant lighting standards. In addition an emergency lighting design will be prepared in areas where it is required.

The following documentation will be provided, a report detailing our proposals, a plan showing the position of the luminaires, a schedule of the equipment, an iso-lux plot showing the predicted lighting result for the principle areas and a 3D visual representation. Additional information in the way of running cost comparison and PowerPoint presentations can be included if requested.

Lighting Design Service by a Professional Lighting Consultant for Offices, Factories, Shops, Showrooms, Schools, Churches, Village Halls, Sports Arenas, Security Lighting, Floodlighting and Paddocks. (Sorry no domestic premises).


To obtain a competitively priced quotation please provide us with details of your requirements.